Tinkineer has an exciting new line of STEM maker kits designed for children 9+ – Marbleocity!

Tinkineer’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) kits introduce children and adults to engineering principles and physics concepts through dynamic model kits that are made of wood in America. Each “marble machine” kit is an engaging lesson that is told through the eyes of a cast of characters (the “Tinkineers”) in graphic novella format. The principles introduced in the comic are then reinforced through the construction of the kit and, finally, brought full circle with real-world examples and applications. The Marbleocity kits present and reinforce STEM learning concepts and encourage problem solving.

The Tinkineer kits are designed to generate enthusiasm for STEM subjects, foster team building, and encourage problem solving. Marbleocity is also modular! Once assembled the kits can interconnect and operate together for a climactic group learning experience as children, young adults and parents build an expanding marble empire.

The Dragon Coaster is the first of nine interconnecting kits planned for the Marbleocity line. Each assembled kit (or “module”) is designed either to stand alone or to be combined with the other modules in order to grow your marble empire. A special feature we’ve designed into each module allows you to choose to recirculate marbles or, instead, to pass them along to an adjacent module.


Marbles either recirculate or are passed along to the next module

Beyond the Dragon Coaster we’ve already designed three additional modules – Skate Park, Maltese Cross, and Amazing Race that we’d like to bring to you soon.


Coaster, Skate Park, Maltese Cross and Amazing Race Modules

Like Coaster, each of these modules is themed and that theme is harnessed to communicate the STEM lesson associated with the kit. For example, among other things, Skate Park teaches the concept of Centripetal Force which is related to the motion of your marble traversing the rail slide feature.


Rail Slide on Skate Park Module

The modularity of the Marbleocity kits lends them uniquely to a classroom or extracurricular learning experience. Imagine a group of middle-schoolers working together to assemble their own individual modules, helping one another along the way. Once assembled the class interconnects their modules and operates them together for a climactic grand finale!

Tinkineer Team

The Tinkineers behind the Tinkineers are a devoted team of entrepreneurs, product designers, artists and, of course, Tinkerers. Our team has had a great time developing the Marbleocity concept and the Tinkineer experience. We feel that getting young boys and girls excited about a profession in applied engineering is important and what we’ve built here is how we plan to do it!


*Tinkineer is pleased to run Trotec laser cutters.